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Wholesale Boat Covers
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The Wholesale Boat Covers RISK FREE Drop Ship Program.


In the days before the internet there was no such need for drop shipping. Today with billions of dollars being moved through cyberspace the need for immediate satisfaction is all the more necessary. For web stores who choose not to buy inventory for whatever reason, there is the Wholesale Boat Covers Drop Ship Program.

By selling our boat covers & accessories through our wholesale drop ship program, you can sell boat accessories basically risk free. We all understand when buying inventory of any kind, is an investment. You run the risk of sitting on that product for a uncertain period of time. There are obvious problems with doing that. Maybe your just starting out in business? Money is tight? You don't want to sit on inventory? For whatever reason, with the Wholesale Boat Covers Drop Ship Program, there is no need to worry about inventory again. THAT'S OUR JOB NOW!

By selling our product line through the Wholesale Boat Cover distribution center, everyone can share in the profits of doing business on the internet using this easy Wholesale Drop Ship program. Simply sign up as a Wholesale Boat Covers reseller and start offering great products that will give you a great profit. Our already discounted prices allow you, the retailer to make great profits while doing very little work. Just put our product lines on your website and watch the sales roll in. We're not saying, "If you build it, they will come", you should of course do some advertising and become familiar with the internet and your customer base. Let your customers and potential customers know that you are now selling boat covers and we can fill your internet store with a profitable and wide variety of great products to sell. When you do get a sale, simply place the order through our website and we'll do the rest. There is a $3.00 drop ship fee added to the actual shipping cost during check out.

To open an account, click on the "Wholesale Customers Click Here" button on the top left of the page. Then look to the bottom/center of the page and click on "New Customers: Click here to Request an Account". Fill out the form and once approved you are ready to go.

Here is a list of information you will need to become a reseller.

1. Company contact information
2. Tax ID number.
3. Valid credit card to pay for orders
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